About the Bethlehem IDA

About the IDA - Mission and Vision

About the IDA

The Industrial Development Agency (IDA) provides financial assistance to eligible commercial and industrial projects in order to promote economic welfare and prosperity for the residents of the Town of Bethlehem. The IDA is responsible for the promotion, attraction and development of job and recreational opportunities and economically sound commerce within the Town’s borders.

Through the vision and leadership of the Town Supervisor and IDA Board Members, the IDA seeks to create a business-friendly climate that will attract development opportunities consistent with the character of the Town. With its superb location, desirable quality of life, available land, and educated workforce, the Town of Bethlehem is the ideal location to grow or expand your business.

The Town of Bethlehem Industrial Development Agency (BIDA), established in 1973, is a public benefit entity under New York State General Municipal Law 18 A.

Mission Statement

The Town of Bethlehem’s Comprehensive Plan, as adopted by the Town Board in 2005, recommends that the Town grow in a manner that maintains and enhances its preeminent residential and semi-rural character through high quality and clean non-residential development in carefully planned and strategically located sites. Residential neighborhoods in the Town will be enhanced by proximity to open space, pedestrian-oriented facilities, high quality employment opportunities and neighborhood-scale commercial services.

The Agency's mission is to assist the Town in implementing the non-residential development components of the Plan by actively promoting, attracting, retaining and developing high quality jobs and capital investment in the Town with a focus on appropriate, economically sound and sustainable commercial, industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, educational, research and recreational facilities and projects. To secure expanded jobs and investment associated with such development, the Agency will provide to such projects technical and other assistance and financial assistance to such projects in accordance with Article 18-A of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York.