About the Bethlehem IDA

IDA Committees

Bethlehem IDA Committees

Audit Committee

Frank S. Venezia, Chair

Joe Richardson

Tim McCann

A three-member committee that assists the IDA in audit matters, including:

  • Recommending to the Members the hiring of a certified independent accounting firm for the Agency.
  • Establishing the compensation to be paid to the accounting firm and provide direct oversight of the performance of the independent audit performed by the accounting firm hired for such purposes.
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities for oversight of the financial reporting process and the system of risk assessment and internal controls over financial reporting.

Governance Committee

Joseph P. Richardson, Chair

Tim McCann

Sandra Shapard

David Kidera

The Governance Committee assists the IDA in governance matters, including:

  • Keeping the board and staff informed of current best governance practices
  • Reviewing corporate governance trends
  • Updating the agency's corporate governance principles
  • Advising appointing authorities on the skills and experiences required of potential board members
  • Encouraging and enabling training of new Members and staff of the Agency.

Finance Committee

Frank S. Venezia, Chair

Victoria Storrs

Tim Maniccia

The Finance Committee oversees the IDA’s debt and debt practices and recommends policies concerning its issuance and management of debt.