Assistance and Incentives

Overview of IDA Incentives

The Bethlehem Industrial Development Agency is charged with increasing the Town’s commercial tax base through economic development initiatives that actively promote, encourage, attract and develop job opportunities and economically sound businesses for the Town.

The IDA can provide four basic forms of financial assistance to qualified applicants in order to promote the economic welfare for residents of Bethlehem:

Exemption from Mortgage Recording Tax

Exemption from State and Local Sales and Use Tax

Real Property Tax Abatement (PILOT Agreement)

Issuance of Taxable and Tax-Exempt Bonds

Projects that may be eligible for IDA assistance include: manufacturing, warehousing, commercial, industrial, research, industrial pollution control and recreation.

For full details on the Tax Incentives offered by the Bethlehem IDA please refer to the Uniform Tax Exemption Policy found in the Bethlehem IDA Policy Manual.

To learn more about IDA assistance and if your business and project would qualify please contact:
Elizabeth Staubach, Economic Development Coordinator at 518-439-4955 ext. 1189 or