Assistance and Incentives

Issuance of Bonds

The Town of Bethlehem IDA is authorized by New York State to issue bonds and notes to eligible projects. These bonds can be taxable or federally tax-exempt and can be used to provide low-cost financing to acquire, construct and equip a project.

While issuing bonds may be a desirable and cost-effective solution to financing a project, interested companies should inquire regarding eligibility, cost-benefit, and additional requirements.

The major activity of IDAs has been the issuance of bonds to provide low-cost financing for businesses to acquire, construct and equip their business facilities and thus create and retain jobs, and provide for economic growth and stability in the community. The borrower (e.g. a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship) agrees to make payments to retire the bond obligations pursuant to a contractual agreement – usually a lease or installment sale agreement. Depending on the size of the bond issue and other factors, placement of the bonds may be made privately or publicly. The real property and the machinery are technically owned by the IDA. However, the borrower indemnifies the IDA against all claims and is wholly responsible for debt repayment.

Tax-exempt Status

The Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, identifies two categories of bonds for federal purposes: private activity bonds and all other or “governmental bonds.” A bond is potentially a private activity bond if any entity other than a state or local governmental entity benefits directly or indirectly from the issuance of the bonds.

A tax-exempt issuance is one in which interest on the bond is exempt from gross income for federal income tax purposes. In most instances federally tax-exempt bonds issued by IDAs are limited to $10 million and are subject to all federal regulations and prohibitions governing tax-exempt status.

Bonds issued to provide facilities for 501 (c) (3) organizations such as not-for-profit corporations (Code Section 145), bonds issued to provide for manufacturing facilities (Code Section 144), and bonds issued to provide for facilities listed under Code Section 142, such as airports, docks, wharves, mass commuting facilities, and solid waste disposal facilities, to name some, qualify for tax-exempt status. Companies interested in bond financing should inquire regarding eligibility and additional requirements for tax-exempt financing. In addition, all bonds issued in New York State are exempt from State personal income tax on interest income and sales tax.

To learn more about the Issuance of Bonds and if your business and project would qualify please contact:  Elizabeth Staubach, Economic Development Coordinator at 518-439-4955 ext. 1189 or