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News and Updates

Bethlehem to Host Entrepreneurial Training Classes at Town Hall

As part of the Bethlehem's Microenterprise Grant Program, the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region will be offering its Entrepreneurial Assistance Training Program at Town Hall, 445 Delaware Avenue. The classes begin on June 29 at 6:00pm and will run for 8 consecutive weeks. A tentative schedule of the topics to be covered are listed below.

Session 1: Introduction/Entrepreneurship/Business Plans

Session 2: Legal Issues

Session 3: Fundamentals of Financial Management

Session 4: Financial Analysis

Session 5: Social Media & Accounting

Session 6: Banking and Credit Issues

Session 7: Real Estate/Insurance Issues

Session 8: Marketing Concepts and Issues

Please contact Elizabeth Staubach at or 518-439-4955 x1189 for tuition information and to reserve a seat.